Fn cosmedics

FN COSMEDICS is a pleasant living research institute that provides Customers’ Happiness and Health,
and pursues for healthy bueaty. We strive to improve quality of life by going beyond companies that
simply sell household goods and beauty products

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Instructions for how to activate JAYJUN products

Please check the enclosed “JAYJUN Product Activation Manual” after opening the product.

1.M-CHECK Authentication

Remove the scratch on the M-tag attached to the back of the product box and check the security code. Afterwards, proceed on with the activation via official activation application (app) M-CHECK and check JAYJUN cosmetic product information.

Check the M-tag attached to the back of the box
and peel off the scratch.

Verify your information with QR code verification
through the activation app M-CHECK.

2. Magnet authentication

Place the magnet on the back of the product to check the color change. The green stripe changes according to the magnet direction.

Check the orientation of the magnet and
green pattern on the back of theproduct box.

Move the magnet around on the back of the logo to
make sure that the green stripes change.

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